Why is it okay not to have kids, according to millennials?

Wanna know what millennials think about kids? Is there a reason for a decline in births that has become apparent in the past couple of years? Here are some of the things you need to know about millennials not having kids and why it isn’t such a big deal. 

They Are Not Necessary

Many people live their lives according to a script. They need to do certain things and have a strict schedule. They believe that it is the “natural” order of things and that everyone who thinks differently is wrong. Well, tough luck because more and more people realize that kids are not necessary. They see it as a burden or chore, and they’d rather invest time and money in themselves. 


That is perfectly normal. People should do what they feel like doing. As long as they aren’t bothering or endangering (hurting) anyone else, that is. Having children should be solely for people who want to have children. But even today, many people are breeding simply because that’s “what you’re supposed to do.” 


You’d be surprised to know how many parents are regretting their decision to have kids. Of course, not many will admit that. It is a thought they see as shameful, but keep blaming millennials for thinking about everything beforehand. The millennial generation often sees children and child care as full-time jobs. They understand that it requires a lot of responsibility and effort, and they’d rather do something else. 

Handling Romantic Relationships Is Already Hard

What previous generations fail to understand is that dating is not easy. People today are more aware of what they want, and they are prepared to pursue their dreams. At the same time, baby boomers will brag about how it was a lot simpler back in the day. One could argue that arranged marriages are simple too, but it still doesn’t make them right. 


If you are not in a relationship, you probably have a clear idea of what kind of person you want your partner to be. In fact, there is a high chance that you have a lot of little details that you would want your significant other to have. At the same time, other people have expectations and requirements as well. And matching the two is quite challenging. 


Many moons ago, people didn’t care about these things. They didn’t know that they could choose. It was enough that the other person was interested. That was it. The majority followed the “rules,” had a child, and continued to do their miserable jobs, trying to live through their children. People today just want to be happy. And not having children, not having that additional responsibility, is a huge plus for so many millennials out there.

Millennials Need to Heal From Mental Health Problems

Saying that other generations didn’t have their own problems and struggles would be wrong. But at the same time, they were a part of the magic circle that continued for such a long time. Men were supposed to work their asses off, providing for the family, while women were supposed to give birth and be mothers. 


The saying “man up” often means that you aren’t supposed to show emotions. God forbid you start crying! And people don’t want to live in this violent circle anymore. They need a place to heal. Just a few decades ago, there were no talks about mental health. You were supposed to man up and continue being miserable in silence. But no more. 


And millennials need time to heal from all the issues that happened around them and to them. In addition, mental trauma, depression, and anxiety are at their highest. It is something that affects both millennials and Gen-Z folks. Healing takes time. And younger generations are more than willing to take it, even if it means not having kids. 

Fear of Failure

One of the problems with this generation is a constant fear of failure. There are more people than ever on the planet, and doing anything can be nearly impossible. Keep in mind that we are talking about the generation crippled in student loans, trying to find a work-life balance. In addition, they keep hearing stories about how it is time for them to have children and start a family, with the famous “When I was your age, I had bazillion kids!” mantra haunting them in their dreams. 


Well, good for you, grandma! Good for you. We hope you are happy now because this generation is far from it. Student debts cripple countless young people and prevent them from trying something new. They are forced to do jobs they don’t like trying to find their way out of the debt. 


At the same time, prices have gone skyrocket compared to the fifties. You can no longer buy a house for cheap and work in a steel mill while having a new Cadillac. Not many millennials can even dream of owning their own house. And family is a whole new topic. 

Most Millennials Does Not Earn a Decent Wage

Money won’t make anyone happy. That’s true. But it would make everything a lot easier. Today, money is one of the main problems, and for many millennials, it would be the key to solving the majority of the problems. 


Millennials are mostly employed. They don’t need to worry about that. But they are earning low to average wages. Being a part of the middle class makes them realize how having children is a luxury. They can barely afford to live by themselves, and adding one more person to it could spell a disaster. 


At the same time, they live in constant fear of losing their jobs. The previous generation made sure that everyone understood how replaceable they were. So, the question you might ask is — Why would anyone be interested in having children? Life is full of uncertainties, and regardless of how hard you work, there is a chance you’ll get the short end of the stick. So, why bother?

Recurring World Crisis

The world seems to be a horrible place. After World War II ended, baby boomers believed that everything was well in the world. People were friends, businesses were booming, and everyone was able to live their lives as intended. Today, we live in a world where people aren’t wondering if there will be another crisis. They know there will be. The question is, what will hit us next. 


Will it be another global pandemic? Will money lose its worth? Is this the year when we all lose our jobs? Economic crises, global warming, inflations, food shortages, you name it! We’ve had it all. So, it seems that the not-so-sudden decline in births is something to be expected. 


After all, who in their right mind would want another person to go through all of this? Of course, there are those who are fortunate enough not to need to worry about such trivial issues as food scarcity and the weather going haywire, and that’s perfectly fine. If they feel like having children, they should do it. But don’t be surprised if other people aren’t willing to share their point of view. 


In the end, if someone doesn’t want to have kids, it is their choice. And no one has the right to be angry about it.

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