What are the key differences of love, relationship and sex of each generation?

Love, relationship and sex are of prime importance in a person’s life and thus it becomes important for the whole mankind. Now, the thing that we need to talk about is that how the idea of these terms has changed with changing generations. We have tried to point out some differences that will help you in understanding this.

  1. They are fine with sex before marriage

The very first thing that is different in this generation from the older one is that people here are fine with sex before marriage. This is something that was not there in generation X and the generations that was before them. According to a study, only 29% of the people were fine with this notion in the older generations. However, if we talk about the percentage now, then it is 50% and even more than that. One more thing that one should note about this thing is that, it is still good for someone and bad for some.

  1. Sex is less important

This is something that we discussed in our previous section also. The present generation is in no hurry. People today prefer romance more than sex. There may be various reasons behind this, but one of the major reasons that comes in our mind during this discussion is that we have fewer partners. This is really difficult to calculate this thing in the scientific terms, but the overall study says the same. Also, this was perception made by the people of  an older generation that people of this generation are more into sex, which is wrong completely.

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  1. We prefer live in relationship

According to a research, done recently, it is said that, 10 out of every 18 American is living with a person who is not married to them. This simply means that they are in a live in relationship. With this point, we want to say that if there is love and consent in the relationship, then there is no need to get married. To be with someone, the people of this generation believe in mutual understanding and not marriage.

  1. Sex toys are common now a day

This is quite interesting, as this as a product was not invented in our older generations. If we talk about the things that technology has given as a gift, go ask the people who are single or in a long distance relationship. They will definitely take the name of this product. This is so common that people even in relationship use it. Now, it is said that it has become a more reliable option than human beings. This is one of the biggest things, that our older generations didn’t have, not they would have ever thought about it. Even today it is not acceptable by a lot of people, but it also not a taboo anymore. People know about it at least.

  1. Phones as a boon and a bane as well

You might be thinking that we are here taking about relationships and love, then what is the point of taking about phones. Well, if we are taking about the present generation, be it anything, we need to talk about phones. Now, the very first thing that we all are about related to phones is that, it has some magic in itself that we all keep our eyes glued to it all the time. This is the biggest curse, mankind will ever have. If we talk about relationships also, the mobile phones are responsible for ruining it. There are proofs and studies related to it. For example, if you are sitting with your partner and want some intimacy, but your partner is on the phone. After some attempts, you will feel irritated and will stop flirting with him or her and this will affect your relationship.

On the other hand, the same phone will help you in finding certain applications on your phone where you can get tips related to your relationship. Not just that, it has things better than that, which you can use for making your relationship better. This entire thing was not at the time of our older generations.

  1. People are getting married at an older age

This point, however is not so relevant to this topic, but relationship is involved here, so we need to talk about it. Marriage, as it is clear from the earlier points also, was a very important affair for people who belonged to earlier generations. At present, the scenario is very different. We as millennial, don’t feel the need of marriage, until we meet that one person whom we could trust properly and could spend our life with. However, people in our older generation always gave marriage more importance than relationship and love.

  1. Divorce is also common now a day

Divorce or break up is nothing, but one aspect of the coin which we call relationship. If love and understanding is its good and bright face, then breakup is a sad face. People of present generation are more open and want freedom. They want to give their relationship all its time and then want to settle down. If it does not work, then they are fine with divorce or in separating with their partner. This practice actually started a generation before and now that people have seen divorced parents, they too do not think that getting divorce is a bad thing. However, if you ask about it from people of the older generation, then they still won’t agree with this concept.

  1. Make birth control practices are common

This again is a huge thing and was not possible in the older generations. This very concept arouses from the notion of equality. We know that giving birth is a hectic job and everything that is related to that is really painful. Now, even if you are giving a woman some contraceptive pills or forcing her to try some other methods, it is actually going to affect her in longer run.

Now, in the past, there was no way out, but today we have options and because of that, women could be given relaxation on this issue. There are ways in which men can take steps to prevent birth control. This makes our relationship healthier and strong.

  1. With time, we have become more frank

Earlier, sex, relationship and love was not the topics that one could discuss openly or in public. Especially, women were not allowed to do so. In other words, we could say that, if someone sees a woman speaking about things like this, she would be called as a woman who don’t have any shame in herself. Now the scenario has changed. People talk about these things publicly. Women feel free in talking about these things with their friends.

  1. People are not afraid about labels these days

It is not that in our older generations, all the people were straight. There were gays and lesbians at that time also. Now, at that time, if someone is identified with this label, then it was a huge problem with him or her. Now a day, people are not considered about these things. There are various reasons behind it. Out of all, the most important thing is that people the law and rules are changing and they are becoming more human. People don’t really worry about their sexuality and have this zeal that they will deal with it whatever comes in the way.

  1. We really don’t really worry about kids

Life has a lot of things in it and love and relationship are not the only important thing in it. It actually has more than that. Now, if we talk about it, then there are people in this generation who focus on career a lot more than that on relationships and it’s affects. Well, some of them even remain unmarried for that. However, in some of the cases the idea of freedom and peace is also one of the reasons. The same is the case, if it comes for having kids. We millennials don’t really worry about kids. If there has to be children in house they would come and if not they won’t. So there is no compulsion in this. Also, the same was not the case with the people of the older generations, as kids and their upbringing was of prime importance then.


These were all the points that explains the meaning of love, relationship and sex in generation after generation. All the points that are mentioned here are based on some research or study and are valid in every way. Any person from any generation will relate to these. We have used all the authentic sources to write about them. Also, the points mentioned are very practical and could be found happening in our day to day life. This will help as a guide to them who don’t want to research more and know everything related this topic.

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