Is sex getting less intimate in today’s modern age?

‘Sex’ is a term that never fails to garner attention from people. Sexuality is predominant in human beings and still they often try to hide it and pretend that it doesn’t exist. Countries exist that doesn’t encourage people to even have conversations related to sex as it is regarded as a taboo. The western world has been open about sex for quite some time. Through sexual revolutions people have got to open up their voices on sexuality. Still some have the idea that sex in the modern age is more about the ‘action’ rather than the ‘intimacy’. Is that true?

What is sex in the modern age?

If you are a millennial, then your views about sex must be quite different than what your parents experienced. People who are now in their 40s and 50s experienced sex in a different way. It was much more hush-hush and sex was something …

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Which generation had the most fun in their teenage years?

The generation debate is not new and it will continue forever because it is this contextual correlation that creates the sense of being better or worse and accordingly plans the strategy to justify one or the other. Let us take to the extremes, didn’t teenage of 1940s in middle of the WWII and depression kissed and hugged each other or in the contemporary world do the girls in Iran have the liberty to walk free without being in defined attire.  Let us take it back to ancient world when Indian philosopher Vatsyayana wrote about sexuality, eroticism and emotional fulfillment in Kamasutra and in contemporary world a young cartoonist faces life threat only because he dared to share his view via cartoons. Isn’t this generational debate is futile when in this generation has itself a huge divide among different socio-cultural groups? Can a black girl of African origin claim the same …

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What are the most iconic teen slangs of each generation?

There are several iconic slang that is used for the teenagers of every generation. One can see that slangs have evolved from one generation to another. New slang words have been added and even people nowadays use the slang of the previous generation. Slangs are not always some vulgar or offending words but also expressions that are used for describing a certain situation, person or feeling.

Most of the people use slang for explaining their anger, excitement, happiness and any other feelings. There are many slangs that are very normal and are not typical slang. This article has all the slangs that have been listed according to the year in which it was originated and used by the people of that generation.

We have five generations and in each of the generation new slang has been added and used by people. One word or phrases are being used as …

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The biggest contribution of baby boomers in today’s society

The sixteen year-long phases of depression with one of the most devastating wars of human history created a huge socio-economic and demographic gap in American society. Once World War II ended in 1946 and the phase of economic depression started showing signs of revival, people were mentally and emotionally ready to rebuild and recreate. This phase of a spike in birth rate and demographic bulge it created is called as “baby boomer” period. According to sociologists, this phase continued until 1964 when the first round of 1946 born reached the aged of 18 years.

Baby Boomers, the best generation of all time

The new level of confidence in the economy and technological advancement led better life and opportunities helped build a mindset of taking the nation forward so that next-generation could get the best possible life free of pain and struggling past. The contribution of the baby boomers generation is …

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