Millennials and Generation Z and their take on Sex

With the advent of the new world with books such a stechnology and scientific advancements, how does the sexual relationship of the new generation vary? The crux of the discussion studies the innate differences in the two generations. The term ‘millenial- hugely refers to the part of the population born between 180s to 1994, whereas Generation Z is the population of people born in the years 1995 to 2015. Most millenials, as science shows, are in the struggling area of their lives where their focus lies in building a career and becoming financially stable whereas generation Z is yet to reach the zone.

A stricking difference, when comes to the sexual encounter is seen more with the generation Y while generation Z is not in the lime light to sexual adventure.
Millenials and the echo boomers were known as generation Z has a rather diverse take on the sexual relationship. The journal archive of sexual behavior has an ongoing study that helps understand the patterns of physical relationship amongst the millenials and generation Z. Whether it is the bringing up of millenials or the reason lies in peer pressure, the young millenials, especially the one’s born in the 1990s are more prone to grow sexual attachment than the others. There are huge researches going on with the millenials and the generation z on how they differ intricately.

How are the millenials different from Generation Z:

Apart from the difference of the time period and age the two sets of generations were born in, there are a few attributes that differes the two generations in particular. They are:

  1. Financial life:In the current year of 2019, the millenials are rather on the prime of their financial life. As around 30 years old, millenials or the generation Y are into stable places in their career. The echo boomers, on the other hand, as a study say are in more ‘dramatic places’ in their lives unlike the generation Y when they were of the same age of early adult hood. Millenials are more driven towards their self enhancement and have rather positive lives when coming to achieve their dreams than the generation Y.
  2. Mental Health and well-being:Generation Y has great potential when coming to deciding or taking a stance on their mental well-being than that of generation Y. The generation Y is a more depressed population. Generation X has been a commendable generation where there studies have found little to no signs of depression. Mental health issues have started booming into the countries and through continents with Generation Y. One can surely blame the work pressure and the different day to day unhealthy lifestyle of the new world that has to lead to stressful living.
  1. Banking Habits: Since Generation Y is a rather established generation that Z, banking is a sector where the population of the newly independents has been prevailing in the year 2019. Generation Z is a generation that has higher levels of media consumptions and has been proved to have their first mobile phones in their 10 years of age. This is often a debatable topic amongst generation X and baby boomers aka older generations. Millenials are more fiscally stronger than Z as they have all the power in the workforce.

There is a heavy difference in the banking structures of the two generations. While echo boomer’s banking structures are more college oriented funds, the millenials are mostly banking on saving up money for marriage, house, kids and so on. Each generation has a different sense of technology and has different banking structures altogether.

  1. Technology:Technology is an important research area to tally the generations. The millenials are more responsible when coming to technology and use it mostly for messaging and connecting with people, whereas the echo boomers are more prone to pro-entertainment technology like YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram and so on.
  2. Up-bringing: Millenials have baby boomer parents whereas Generation Y has Generation X as their parents. There is a huge difference between the upbringing patterns of the two generations. The former one has a more conservative upbringing while the latter has a more relaxed upbringing. This has made huge impacts on the sexual behaviours of the two generations as ethics, civil ettiquets and religion function directly with sexual encounters.

Why is sex different for both the generations?

Sex and its idea are heavily debated amongst the two generations. There are many studies that prove that as the generations increase, sexual habits are decreasing way too much. Baby boomers, contrary to popular belief, had way more sex than Generation Y and Z. In a tally within Generation Y and Z, Z has many resources that do not aloow them to look for sexual freedom. The misconception here is, most people think generation Z is more prone to freedom but in reality freedom also implies freedom form physical relationship. Mostly millenial’s parentings have allowed them to find trust into the human connection of sex.

Here are a few factors why echo boomers are not a big fan of sex while millenials are gaga over it:

  1. Disturbed family:In most first world countries and even in some third world countries, divorce rates are huge in number. With divorce files piling up at the lawyer’s office, most echo boomers relate to their peers on not what Tv show they like but the struggles of daily fights and disturbing outlook on life. This is often debilitating to these youngster’s growth. This is also why they have a negative association with the word, practice and even the act of ‘sex’. They often deem themselves responsible for their problems at home and have a rather isolate outlook due to no socialization. This does not allow them further to have a partner or companion. Millenials, on the other hand, had full families with a loving home. They have partnered sex with love and affection. This is why they are not averse to the opinion of a sexual encounter. They associate sex with love and readily allow themselves to engage in the act of sex.
  2. Anti-depressants:The world has become a big bad infamous hub of the mental illness. 1 out of 4 people in the world has clinical depression. Whether you like it or not, the lifestyle we live as a community is to blame. Most of the echo boomers are now clinically depressed and are on medications like anti-anxiety, anti-depressants. These medicines are found to lower the libido of young children and adults. This is why sex is not a viable option for them to choose. The generation before the echo boomers had less of personal crisis. With healthy childhood and less moral obligations, they were ready to explore the unknown. Anxiety was not very prevalent as a mental illness within the millenials. This is why medication was not an option. This often allowed them to enjoy their sexual prowess, unlike generation Z.
  3. Technology:When ‘phubbing’ is a word, echo boomers are Shakespeare. Practically ‘phubbing’ was included in the oxford dictionary to refer to the constant scrolling of the screen on your smartphone. Even the world agrees on with the action. Echo boomers are changing the trends frantically. With the onset of technological boom, the sexual prowess of most echo boomers has reduced. The generation is devoid of any human contact but mostly focuses on their image online. Also platforms like YouTube help them to embark on the journey to connect with people all over the world, but barely allows them to know who their neighbor is.

Even though technology was not so advanced in the late teens of millenials, they have full knowledge about how to live life with the accomplishments of technology. However, when put into the situation, they also know how to deal with a life where human contact is must, they have mastered the art of it. This is why suffering in isolation is not very spotted amongst millenials.

In the world of the 21st century, LGBTQ, body shaming and other social causes have put a light on the society. Even though we have not been able to achieve it altogether, many same sex couples refrain from sexual contact because of the discrimination against them in the society like mob lynching, harassment and so on. Generation Z is a more empowered herd that demands respect and trust in a relationship than any other generations have been. They analyse their connections in parameters to what is an ideal way of living in an equal society.

Not many have been able to match up with their avant-garde ideas. This is why they are more thoughtful and prone to curb sexual encounters than millenials. They are the high-functioning humans who are predestined to lead us to a better future. They aspire to remove all the negative connotations of sex and abuse altogether. This is why they are cautious and not callous like the previous generations. With this thought in their heads, they will surely make the world a better place for all generations to reside peacefully.

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