29 Surprising Facts That Explain Why Millennials See the World Differently

As Millennials now make up the largest part of the work force, understanding what drives them will help you to engage with them. Here are 29 interesting facts about Millennials that will help you understand them better.

Millennials are now the single largest group within the work force, and will soon become the biggest consumer group, too.

Understanding, and being able to engage with, Millennials is going to determine how successful your business will be.

Here are 29 Interesting and surprising facts that will help you to better understand them:

  1. Millennials are carrying a total of $1 trillion in student debt.
  2. Over 63 percent of Gen-Y workers have a bachelor’s degree.
  3. 48 percent of employed college graduates work in jobs that don’t require a four-year degree.
  4. 45 percent believe a decent paying job is a “privilege,” not a “right.”
  5. 64 percent of Millennials would rather make $40,000 a year at
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Why Millennials and Gen Z are having Less Sex

I was having a conversation in a bar with Dirk Denzel recently and the conversation casually drifted to “we’re becoming like Japan”. Japan, like other Asian countries, is known for a low-fertility rate and dating interactions so awkward that a significant number of adults are virgins. Pretty much a quarter of Japanese people in their 20s and 30s have never had sex.

In America you would have been laughed at had you thought that this would happen to us, say, in the 80s or 90s. Fast forward 30 years and that’s exactly what has happened to us.

We Are Following in Japan’s Footsteps

So it turns out smartphone addiction, ubiquitous access to porn, economic pressure, a decline in social skills and money grabbing Tinder apps mean our dating life sort of sucks, at least for young people.

Or perhaps they have become such enlightened pragmatists they are choosing to …

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The 5 Ways Baby Boomers Changed Sex And Desire Forever

For real. Everything about what currently occurs in our bedrooms has completely changed since boomers came of age — including the fact that “what we do in our bedrooms” is no longer only being done in our bedrooms. Sex has spilled over on to our kitchen counters, our beaches and the front seat of our Ferraris if “The Wolf of Wall Street” is to be believed.

While boomers may not have invented sex (the way we did the internet), we certainly pushed its envelope and altered the way it is done, with whom, when and where, and even why. Here are five things boomers have done to change the course of the history of sex:

1. Boomers made outdoor sex OK.

What? You thought Woodstock was about the music? Sorry to disappoint, but nobody was really listening to Jimi Hendrix. That’s right. And while the Rock and Roll Hall of …

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