What are the key differences of love, relationship and sex of each generation?

Love, relationship and sex are of prime importance in a person’s life and thus it becomes important for the whole mankind. Now, the thing that we need to talk about is that how the idea of these terms has changed with changing generations. We have tried to point out some differences that will help you in understanding this.

  1. They are fine with sex before marriage

The very first thing that is different in this generation from the older one is that people here are fine with sex before marriage. This is something that was not there in generation X and the generations that was before them. According to a study, only 29% of the people were fine with this notion in the older generations. However, if we talk about the percentage now, then it is 50% and even more than that. One more thing that one should note about this …

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What is the birth year of each generation and what are the differences between them?

If you keep up with the general string of events around, it is likely that you might have heard about the generations and how they correlated with our lives. Millennial is a word that the majority of us are now used to hearing, but what we fail to understand is the significance behind the same. With such categorization, your date of birth can distinguish you into specific generations that you yourself had no clue about.

How does your birthday signify which generation you are from?

As we did mention before, our birth years are the signifying character that distinguishes which specific generation that we will fall under. If you had a generalized thought that the college-going students nowadays are the ones that we should be calling millennial, you are mistaken.

Each generation has its own age cohort that distinguishes its places across.

To help ease your confusion, we have tabulated

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29 Surprising Facts That Explain Why Millennials See the World Differently

As Millennials now make up the largest part of the work force, understanding what drives them will help you to engage with them. Here are 29 interesting facts about Millennials that will help you understand them better.

Millennials are now the single largest group within the work force, and will soon become the biggest consumer group, too.

Understanding, and being able to engage with, Millennials is going to determine how successful your business will be.

Here are 29 Interesting and surprising facts that will help you to better understand them:

  1. Millennials are carrying a total of $1 trillion in student debt.
  2. Over 63 percent of Gen-Y workers have a bachelor’s degree.
  3. 48 percent of employed college graduates work in jobs that don’t require a four-year degree.
  4. 45 percent believe a decent paying job is a “privilege,” not a “right.”
  5. 64 percent of Millennials would rather make $40,000 a year at
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Why Millennials and Gen Z are having Less Sex

I was having a conversation in a bar with Dirk Denzel recently and the conversation casually drifted to “we’re becoming like Japan”. Japan, like other Asian countries, is known for a low-fertility rate and dating interactions so awkward that a significant number of adults are virgins. Pretty much a quarter of Japanese people in their 20s and 30s have never had sex.

In America you would have been laughed at had you thought that this would happen to us, say, in the 80s or 90s. Fast forward 30 years and that’s exactly what has happened to us.

We Are Following in Japan’s Footsteps

So it turns out smartphone addiction, ubiquitous access to porn, economic pressure, a decline in social skills and money grabbing Tinder apps mean our dating life sort of sucks, at least for young people.

Or perhaps they have become such enlightened pragmatists they are choosing to …

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The 5 Ways Baby Boomers Changed Sex And Desire Forever

For real. Everything about what currently occurs in our bedrooms has completely changed since boomers came of age — including the fact that “what we do in our bedrooms” is no longer only being done in our bedrooms. Sex has spilled over on to our kitchen counters, our beaches and the front seat of our Ferraris if “The Wolf of Wall Street” is to be believed.

While boomers may not have invented sex (the way we did the internet), we certainly pushed its envelope and altered the way it is done, with whom, when and where, and even why. Here are five things boomers have done to change the course of the history of sex:

1. Boomers made outdoor sex OK.

What? You thought Woodstock was about the music? Sorry to disappoint, but nobody was really listening to Jimi Hendrix. That’s right. And while the Rock and Roll Hall of …

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Why Millenials are not a problem in today’s society?

One can encounter a large societal and cultural shift between different generations specifically the millennial ones. Now all the millennials who were young are now adults so let’s see how superior or evolved they are in comparison to all the earlier generation’s. We all are aware of how the modern generation is going to enjoy more opportunities and liberty and it can be encountered in different fields. One thing that you can encounter in the very first step in their education and employment. The millennial generation definitely deserves high regards because it has brought more ethnic and racial diversity in society. One can see a lot of diversity among the millennials.


Even the women of the millennial generation are participating in the workforce of the nation in comparison to the other generations. In every field, you can see that the millennials are bringing some new changes that are helping …

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What are the most iconic teen slangs of each generation?

There are several iconic slang that is used for the teenagers of every generation. One can see that slangs have evolved from one generation to another. New slang words have been added and even people nowadays use the slang of the previous generation. Slangs are not always some vulgar or offending words but also expressions that are used for describing a certain situation, person or feeling.

Most of the people use slang for explaining their anger, excitement, happiness and any other feelings. There are many slangs that are very normal and are not typical slang. This article has all the slangs that have been listed according to the year in which it was originated and used by the people of that generation.

We have five generations and in each of the generation new slang has been added and used by people. One word or phrases are being used as …

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Traditional courtship or modern courtship? What are the differences?

What Is Traditional Courtship?

There are many ways to describe traditional courtship. So, let’s just say it’s a period of dating before an engagement or a marriage. But traditional courtship looks much different than what we usually see today. First, we have to mention the period this kind of courtship takes place in. It’s easy to put it into the wrong period of time, but we’ll confidently say that this kind of courtship was popular before the rise of the internet and social media.


Traditional courtship requires some bravery. We’re not saying you don’t need guts to ask a person out nowadays. But it’s just so easy to mask your intentions by inviting them to, say, a group activity. Back in the day, and in the realm of traditional courtship, you had to come up to someone and be prepared for their answer.

Actions That Define ‘Traditional’


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Why is it okay not to have kids, according to millennials?

Wanna know what millennials think about kids? Is there a reason for a decline in births that has become apparent in the past couple of years? Here are some of the things you need to know about millennials not having kids and why it isn’t such a big deal. 

They Are Not Necessary

Many people live their lives according to a script. They need to do certain things and have a strict schedule. They believe that it is the “natural” order of things and that everyone who thinks differently is wrong. Well, tough luck because more and more people realize that kids are not necessary. They see it as a burden or chore, and they’d rather invest time and money in themselves. 


That is perfectly normal. People should do what they feel like doing. As long as they aren’t bothering or endangering (hurting) anyone else, that is. Having children

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How Can Realistic Fake Pussy Solve Your Death-Grip Problems

Most of the men rely on their hand for masturbation. They use it whenever they are alone, watching an erotic scene on the screen, and feeling aroused. Some men get too excited that they hold their penis quite tightly and go rough during masturbation to enjoy that moment. Even though masturbation is healthy for men and women, squeezing too hard and going too fast can cause health issues.

Death-grip syndrome is the biggest threat to your health if you masturbate in some specific ways. Many people think it is not real and such problems don’t occur. However, thousands of men cannot climax properly because of death-grip problem. Therefore, you should be a little careful!

Is death grip syndrome real?

It is not considered a medical condition or any health issue till the date. The credit for inventing and describing this issue goes to sex columnist Dan Savage. Only people have …

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Why Generation Z is said to be not having enough sex compared to earlier generations

Humans reached up to this stage civilization through evolutionary phase of over 200,000 years and this happened because humans mastered the art of survival and recreation and growth. The passion for recreation through intimate sex and birth is one of the most fundamental of the four basic human drive states. According to neuropsychologist Karl Pribram, “feeding, fighting, fleeing, and sex are the four drivers behind every thought, feeling, and behavior.” We are conditioned by evolutionary learning to woo a perfect partner to have sex for pleasure and reproduce. The passion to have sex depend not just biological but socio-economic factors.

If we go through the demographic charts, one thing that is remarkably visible is that the birthrate and total fertility rate, although not directly linked with sex frequency, is directly linked to factors like economic stability, socio-cultural behavioral changes, and lifestyle changes. After an aggressive phase hypersexuality during Baby Boomer …

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Millennials and Generation Z and their take on Sex

With the advent of the new world with books such a stechnology and scientific advancements, how does the sexual relationship of the new generation vary? The crux of the discussion studies the innate differences in the two generations. The term ‘millenial- hugely refers to the part of the population born between 180s to 1994, whereas Generation Z is the population of people born in the years 1995 to 2015. Most millenials, as science shows, are in the struggling area of their lives where their focus lies in building a career and becoming financially stable whereas generation Z is yet to reach the zone.

A stricking difference, when comes to the sexual encounter is seen more with the generation Y while generation Z is not in the lime light to sexual adventure.
Millenials and the echo boomers were known as generation Z has a rather diverse take on the sexual relationship. …

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Which is the best generation of all time?

A generation normally alludes to a gathering of individuals brought into the world with an of certain timeframe shared generation and encounters shape a removed perspective. Each generation envisions to be more shrewd than the one that went before it and for what reason is there that one which comes after it. It describes your emotions towards different generations. Individuals will, in general, feel that their generation is the best, however, no generation is superior to the next, it is simply unique. Before understanding why and which generation appears the best. A firm comprehension of exactly how unique the generation is significant in the present multi-generational world.

Comprehension of generations enables you to welcome that went before you by appreciating a portion of the battles and triumphs. It can set you up for the progressions and openings that will turn away angled with the people to come.

Who are the

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